Sunset…. ^_^

I’m really fascinated by trees because it somehow gives me energy and inspiration to move forward.

Life is all about moving forward and seeking for answers. 

I’m not that good in arts but I love it and I’m really willing to learn. I love to draw trees without leaves. I don’t have formal training about painting but I tried to make one using grade school watercolor paint. It’s not that beautiful but I think it is. =))) The color of the tree didn’t matched because I run out of paint XD. Anyway, it turned out like this.

A tree without leaves during sunset time. I love trees ^___^

Theme: Having problems is part of life. Being in the Autumn season of life where leaves starts to  fall just like when people starts to leave you behind requires a lot of strength and will to move forward. Sometimes we tend to be depressed on how things happen into our lives but always remember that “Everything happens for a REASON”. The tree is alone and lonely but it’s still strong and sturdy to face the storms and challenges of life. It’s just waiting for the right time where it can truly unlock and bloom it’s full potential. 

Be patient in waiting for the right time to come. ^_^

Be patient in waiting for the right time to come. ^_^

“Learn how to wait because great things comes to those who wait. Be strong and I know you’ll definitely be a better person.”

Hope I had inspired you. This is not my best work but it portrays a lot of meanings. Until next time =)